Advert #3

The first line in this copy is a little rough:  “Wake up and calm even the most severe food fantasy while avoiding the guilt which often follows.”  It is a little loaded and does not connect from the headline.   I love the headline, but the first line should connect this idea to Yoplait.  Also, Yoplait should get their name as quick as possible in the headline.  In fact, their name isn’t in the copy at all! I did enjoy however how they gave descriptive flavors like are likely to be craved at midnight hours like Caramel and Mint Chocolate.  Overall I would have liked to see a better connection between the headline and the first line of copy and a call to action.


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Advert #2


This ad is not a traditionally looking Nike Ad.  It is not featured with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or any other athlete.  It is featuring a but.  Automatically this grabs any woman’s attention.  The copy is also brilliant because it reveals what a woman might think of her big butt.  Again line by line, the copy tells a story- which is especially effective for women.  Of course they do not need a call to action since they are an established brand that works to promote a strong mind paired with physical excellence.  They have included a personalized website for women to visit, which could be said to be their call to action.



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Advert #1

Volkswagen is known for their great advertisements and this is no exception.  This copy tells a story, which is quite different than many other car advertisements out there.  Most of them have a beauty shot of the car, a tagline, and a few highlighted benefits about horsepower or safety.  I really enjoy this ad because it has a specific target audience- Generation Y.  Speaking as a GenY, I can look at this ad and giggle a little, because it is funny.  We learned in class that the best way to capture an audience is through a story and the copy does a great job with this.

However, the only problem we have to consider is: Is the target going to read this? Gen Y is known for attention deficit order.  In other words, we don’t read.  However, I think the headline and the image can carry the message enough to where you wouldn’t have to read it.

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It’s About Time..

The biggest buzz this week is the talk of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal engagement.  For myself, I know I was smitten when I turned on the TV and learned that the two were FINALLY engaged. I mean after almost 10 years, it’s about time right?  Oh and that ring, it’s just to Di for! Jewelry stores will be making replicas of Kate’s beautiful ring that was once William’s moms.  Some reports say that it is creepy for William to give Kate his mother’s ring in light of her tragic death.  Come on, so many “common” families pass down heirlooms that are rings.  Stop criticizing to create buzz!

Last night I turned on the TV and guess what I heard?  Yes, a blow to Kate Middleton’s weight fluctuation.  Are you kidding me? Reports say that since her relationship with Prince William she has developed a rather thin frame, especially for her height.  Does this ring a bell with Princess Diana at all?  I mean seriously, we have made the Royal Family celebrity status so we can put them under the critical eye and judge their weight.  I personally feel sorry for Kate.  Princess Diana was accused of having an eating disorder , whether that is true or not is beside the point.  I hate how we take a wonderful event, like an engagement, and then branch off into totally unrelated news and talk about something so insignificant as weight.  Kate is gorgeous, so back off media!

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Week 11 Notes

Social media was our topic of discussion for the week.  We got the low down on Twitter, Facebook, and blogging.  As an exercise, we were given two topics, Happy Holidays and Prince William’s engagement to write each a Facebook, Twitter, and questions posts.  This gave us an idea about how we can engage our audiences with our posts instead of just sending out “ME” messages.

More specifically for Twitter, I learned about the 70, 20, 10 rule.  I was rather surprised I hadn’t heard of this rule before, but better late than never I suppose! 70% of the time, I should be tweeting links, topics, and info.  20% of the time I should be tweeting my personal insight.  Lastly, 10% of the time should be personal convos.  I am going to have to slightly disagree with this rule.  For Twitter, I think the best way to engage your audience is to have personal convos, therefore I think there is definitely some overlap between the rules, but nonetheless very interesting.

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PRSA Luncheon

This past Thursday, I had the privilege to attend a Luncheon at the Cool River Cafe.  It included 6 panelists across Austin who would be talking on the topic of “Demystifying Market Research.”  Originally, I thought this would be a regurgitation of my Communication Research Methods class I had last spring, but it was quite different.  Much of the discussion was about how to engage research without breaking the bank.  The best advice is conducting research over the phone.  This way, you are able to talk directly and personally and the results will be more accurate than an online survey.  In addition, when you conduct a survey, you a creating a “hook” to your clients or companies.

Jeff Hahn of Hahn, Austin, a marketing and public relations firm discussed how to create a “hook.”  When you conduct a research or study, the news will usually pick up the story, and there you go, publicity. How many times have you “And a recent study reveals..” on your 6 o’ clock news?  He also stated that in order to do the best work for your clients, research actually saves you time.  If you find out information that may turn you in a completely different direction than your clients’ anticipated, it is better to find out now rather than later.

Sometimes it can be hard for clients to willing want to participate in market research.  The best way to overcome this obstacle is to tell them you can’t solve any problems without finding out what the people want.  For example, restaurants may conduct a survey to find out whether or not customers would like to see a change of the menu for the Cotton Patch Cafe.  However, the results show that people who come to the Cotton Patch keep coming back because of the food! You don’t always have to change to satisfy customers, you just have to give people what they want.

This presentation was overall very engaging.  It was a great networking opportunity to meet local professionals and practice interacting with them.  Since there were few students, many practicioners asked me “What do you do?”  Of course this caught me off guard because I am still a student! It is interesting to step into the real world, even if it is just for a lunch.

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Week 10 Notes

This week we received some insight on radio interviews.  I was particularly intrigued by the story about how an employee did not stick to the script.  Sometimes whenever you go don’t say what you have already planned to say, disaster can happen.  It may turn out that people think you’re event is only for white people!  Professor Bazan’s example shows how the messages we send on the radio can go wrong.  Unlike press releases or articles that are checked and revised as they go out, radio messages can be little more impromtu sometimes.

A tip sheet is a list of questions that you can provide the radio host that will make it easier for them and you.  You will be able to answer every question and provide listeners the exact details of an event you may be putting on.  If an interview goes wrong, it is perfectly acceptable to steer it back in the right direction by focusing on the positives of your organization. If the interviewer wants to talk about a negative incident that you do not wish to talk about, you can say “we are still looking into it.”  That way, you are not giving off a negative message.

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